About Peter Cumming

Councillor Peter Cumming was born in 1960.  He grew up in Rockhampton before attending the University of Queensland where he obtained degrees in Law (with honours) and Economics.  He has lived in Wynnum since 1985.

Peter Cumming was a solicitor in private practice for 8 years from late 1995 to late 2003.

Peter is married with three children.  Two attend local primary schools and his eldest attends university.  Peter lives with his wife Helen and children in Wynnum.

Peter Cumming was elected at the 1994 Brisbane City Council election and was re-elected in 1997, 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012.

Peter is proud of the upgrades of the Esplanade parks all the way from Wynnum North to Lota which have been achieved during his time in Council.  He is very happy with the excellent district parkland at Ropley Road, Wynnum West.

Parks west of the Esplanade, such as Bill Lamond Park, Lota (off-leash area) Stannard Road, Manly West (rebound wall and off-leash area), Primrose Park, Wynnum North Road, Wynnum West and Cox Park, Bethania Street, Lota have also been upgraded.  Peter has also secured funding for a playground upgrade at Heers Park, Wondal Road, Manly West which will include a basketball court.

Peter has secured funding for upgraded fields and lighting at various sporting clubs – Bayside Soccer Club at Lota, Wynnum Bugs Rugby Union and Wynnum Junior Rugby League.

As a keen sportsman himself Peter played 37 years of soccer, 25 years and continuing of table tennis and 16 years of cricket.  Peter believes getting young people involved in sport is important for the individual and the community.  Peter continues to support local junior sport as he coaches local cricket and soccer teams during their seasons. He is keen to see good facilities available for sportspersons in the Wynnum Manly district.

Peter continues to support local environmental groups, the Bayside Creeks Catchment Group and the Harman’s Reserve Bushcare Group.  He also supported the formation of the Wynnum Manly Community Gardens Group.  In addition he has a keen interest in the saving of local history and believes the Wynnum Manly Historical Society plays an important part in preserving and sharing history with the community. As well he is a keen theatre attendee, rarely missing a performance by our local amateur theatre groups Savoyards and Mercury.

Peter understands the importance of good infrastructure in the local community.  With the Wynnum Manly Ward being on the edge of Moreton Bay he has a keen interest in sewerage and drainage issues and has achieved improvements which have lessened problems in the district. An area he continues to seek additional funding to ensure improvements continue into the future.  In addition water from the Wynnum wastewater treatment plant is treated and supplied to the Caltex Oil Refinery for industrial usage.

Peter is keen to see Wynnum Manly go ahead economically.  He supported the Wynnum Manly Neighbourhood Plan which allows 5 and 8 storey buildings in Wynnum Central on the basis that the area needs an economic boost. He welcomes a new library that will provide residents with a great new community facility.  Peter is confident that the current rate of change in the Wynnum CBD will attract further investment in the area and see Wynnum evolve into a suburb for now and the future.

I have represented the Ward of Wynnum Manly in the Brisbane City Council since 1994.

The Wynnum Manly Ward consists of the suburbs of Wynnum, Wynnum West, Manly, Lota and about 75% of Manly West.

About 40 000 people live in the Wynnum Manly Ward.

Wynnum Manly Ward is growing steadily.

The main cause of growth now is the medium density units being built in Wynum Central.

The Wynnum Manly Neighbourhood Plan which came into effect on 1st July 2009 allows medium density 8 and 5 storey developments in designated areas in Wynnum Central, close to the Wynnum Central Railway Station.

As at July 2016 one 5 storey building has been completed and a further 5 storey and two 3 story buildings are underway.

In addition one  8 storey and  fifteen 5 storey buildings have been approved by Council.

In Wynnum Central there has been strong growth in businesses such as coffee shops.

I believe the increased population will lead to more and better shops and restaurants in Wynnum Central in contrast to the current OP shop dominated tenancy mix.  Likewise, I hope the commercial vacancy rate will fall as well.

Residents are enjoying the new Wynnum Library which opened in June 2016.  The new library is a great asset to our community.  I am sure it will meet local residents’ needs for many years to come. The nearest big library to Wynnum is Carindale.  I believe that residents living in areas like Wakerley, half way between the two may be choosing to come to Wynnum Library now.

Every week over 5000 people are sent my e-newsletter.  This contains details on “What’s Happening” in the area.  If you would like a copy please email me at wynnummanly.ward@bcc.qld.gov.au.

My office is located at the corner of Pine Street and Bay Terrace, Wynnum.  The opening hours are Monday – Friday from 8.30 to 4.30pm.

Please drop in and see me or call ahead for an appointment.  I am happy to meet and discuss any council issues you may have.